Fix: You Need To Fix Your Microsoft Account For Apps Notification In Windows 10 Version 1607+

This guide will show how to permanently disable “You need to fix your Microsoft Account for apps on your other devices to be able to launch apps and continue experiences on this device” message in Windows 10 Version 1607+.

If your computer is using recently released Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you might have faced a weird notification keep popping and tells you to fix your Microsoft account (MSA). This only happened with Windows 10 Anniversary Update Version 1607. Here are the message and picture of that annoying notification:

You need to fix your Microsoft Account for apps on your other devices to be able to launch apps and continue experiences on this device

Here is the basic reasons cause to this notification:

  • If you haven’t verified your MSA identity.
  • If you’re using local account and not switched to MSA.
  • When you enabled two-step verification on your MSA, this notification can also appear.

If you also face this “You need to fix your Microsoft Account for apps” notification, you can try the solutions mentioned below to overcome this annoyance.

Fix Windows 10: Notification “You Need To Fix Your Microsoft Account”

First, you should try to sign out and sign in with your Microsoft Account password or the Local Account password again. If this doesn’t solve your problem, you can use some methods below:

Method 1: Using Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooter

Step 1. Download Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter by click this link.

Download microsoftaccounts

Step 2. Then look for the microsoftaccounts.diagcab file, and double-click it to open troubleshooting wizard.
Step 3. Now you click Apply repairs automatically and press Next. The troubleshooter will automatically found and fix problems.

Wait until the troubleshooting process is finished and check the issues has fixed. This should fix the notification problem.

Method 2: Disable Action Center notifications

If method 1 doesn’t resolve your issue, You could disable Action Center notifications on Windows 10. However this is not a method as such, it will just hiding the popup notification.

Step 1. Open the Registry Editor by pressing Windows Key + R and type regedit in Run dialog box, press Enter.
Step 2. In the left pane of Registry Editor window, go here:


Step 3. Next, in the right pane, you right-click on the empty space then select New > select DWORD (32-bit)
Step 4. Now, you name it DisableNotificationCenter and put it a value of 1. Then click OK.
Step 5. Lastly, close the Registry Editor.

This will immediately hide the notification on the go.

Hope this article helps you fix “You need to fix your Microsoft Account for apps” notification in Windows 10 Version 1607+.