How To Uninstall IDM Completely In Windows 7 Step by Step

going to guide you How To Uninstall IDM Completely In Windows 7. Here I have described an easy method to remove internet download manager. The complete step by step detail is given below.

How To Uninstall IDM Completely In Windows 7

IDM is a useful Windows application for download junkies, providing a unified interface that supports multiple simultaneous downloads. If, however, you have decided you no longer wish to use IDM, the application is fairly easy to remove in the Control Panel. You just follow the steps below to learn more.

1. First, click the Windows Start button and select Control Panel.
2. Click Uninstall a Program from the Programs section of the Control Panel. A list of programs currently installed on your system is displayed.
3. Locate Internet Download Manager in the list of installed applications and select “Uninstall“. Click “Yes” in the window that appears requesting confirmation.
By uninstalling, a window open which asks to restart the computer so click on cancel and don’t restart it.

How to uninstall IDM completely in Windows 7

Remove IDM Registeries

1. Open up the Start Menu, type “Regedit” in the Search Box in Windows 7.

2.After opening Reg. editor then go to edit menu or press F3. Then select “Find Next” and a box will open.

3.Enter the name, “Internet Download Manager” and click “Find next

Remove IDM Registeries

4.Delete the registry and if any registry remains then press F3 for checking.

5.Repeat the process of deletion until it shows the message “Finished Searching through registry” After then close it.

Finally, Cleaning System

You can cleaning system using CCleaner Professional. This tool is used to keep the system clean and to make fast working.

cleaning system using CCleaner

After uninstalling IDM, removing registries and cleaning system, the IDM will completely uninstall from your computer.

We have shared “Step by Step How To Remove IDM Completely In Windows 7“.