Error Code 0xc0000428: Windows Can Not Verify the Digital Signature of This File

This tutorial will guide you how to fix “error code 0xc0000428: The operating system could not be loaded because the digital signature of the file couldn’t be verified” with winload.exe in Windows 10 boot manager.

According to Windows users, Boot manager errors are the most annoying for them problem because they can’t boot to your Windows to resolve them. In this case, you would need to a recovery media to fix the system becomes easier. So, in this tutorial, I am going to tell you about error code 0xc0000428 which you get recently in Windows 10. The error 0xc0000428 message and its picture is shown below.

Error Code 0xc0000428: Windows Can Not Verify the Digital Signature of This File

A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source.

File: \windows\system32\winload.exe
Status: 0xc0000428
Info: The digital signature for this file couldn’t be verified

How To Fix Error Code 0xc0000428, The Digital Signature For This File Couldn’t Be Verified in Windows 10 Boot Manager

Method 1: Rebuild Boot Manager And Perform Startup Repair

In order to resolve this problem, you have to repair the Windows installation. If you are still not able to boot, the usual fix for this is to repair your BCD in Command Prompt by Booting from your Installer and selecting Repair My Computer.

Download Windows 10 ISO file then make a bootable USB drive Windows 10. After you have a bootable USB drive, follow these steps below:

Step 1. Plug-in the Windows 10 USB device with the computer and boot the computer.
Step 2. From the Windows Setup screen, you select your language and click Next.
Step 3. Then, click Repair your computer option.
Step 4. Now you select Troubleshoot to use advanced tools.
Step 5. Next, select the Advanced options.
Step 6. On the Advanced options screen, you select Command Prompt.
Step 7. In the Command Prompt window, you type these one by one and tap (or hit) Enter.

cd boot
attrib bcd -s -h -r
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Step 8. Then you can exit Command Prompt and Perform Automatic Or Startup Repair using in this tutorial.

Method 2: Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Temporarily

You should be able to fix error code 0x0000428 by choosing disable driver signature enforcement and check if that helps you in this solution. To do that, follow these steps below

Step 1. You also follow steps 1-5 via the method 1 above. Then select Startup Settings option at Advanced Recovery Options screen.
Step 2. From the next screen, you select Restart button.
Step 3. On the Startup Settings screen, you press key 7 or F7 to Disable driver signature enforcement. This will restart your computer, making the setting effective.
Step 4. Your system will start bypassing driver signature integrity checks in next reboot. If you be able to boot normally, you should run DISM commands and System File Checker in Safe Mode to repair any possible corruption. You can also try reinstalling your Windows 10 without affecting your data. In this way, you can fix error code 0x0000428 completely.

Hope this tutorial can help you to fix error code 0xc0000428 “The digital signature for this file couldn’t be verified” for Windows 10 boot manager.